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Welcome Friends!

Great you are here. 

You will find digital art and tags like
Buddhism, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, symbolism and of course alchemy and the holy grail. 

As far as possible you will find some explaining words with the pictures.

I have seen and experienced both sides of life - Olymp and Hades.
Hades means - NotNiceArt - Pessimism 
Olymp means - NiceArt - Optimism 

As a mystical artist I express duality and transduality - oneness - love and hate - the split and separated mind. And I try to show a possible way out of the inner konflict and stress.

Discover all aspects of your personality and learn to accept them. 
I have learned over many many years (I am nearly 60) that all aspects have a good reason to exist. 
Finding the reason is the major step to inner peace and happiness.

If you are looking for the Holy Grail, surching for love and understanding, awareness and friendship with yourself - this maybe the right place for some inspiration.

I hope my art can give you some.

You are welcome!

Half of my pictures are free for download.
The other half (for professional use) you can download via Fotolia for just a few Dollars. 

All the best to YOU !!

H. Kopp-Delaney

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